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We focus on preventing dental disease and provide a full range of cosmetic and restorative services, including veneers, crowns, bridges and in-office whitening. Our warm, friendly-oriented, fragrance free atmosphere, provides our patients with a high standard of care they deserve.

Preventing dental disease through patient education is our primary objective, and when treatment is necessary, we are at the forefront of modern technology and techniques. Feel relaxed in our friendly, efficient, stress-free environment.

Our office is situated at street level and we are wheelchair accessible. Our friendly staff speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.


Looking to have a brighter smile? We offer three options for whitening treatments.


Our outstanding hygienists provide an exceptional alternative to traditional oral hygiene instruction, which is typically somewhat brief and non-interactive.


This popular preventative procedure is a plastic coating that is applied to the grooves of the teeth to help prevent decay.


A thin porcelain shell is bonded to the tooth to correct imperfections in shape and color. This procedure is estheticaly pleasing as it does not discolor over time.


A crown is placed on an individual tooth (somewhat like a thimble over you finger) when there is no longer sufficient tooth structure to support a filling and or when a tooth has been treated with a root canal.


A bridge spans a space where one or more teeth have been lost in a dental arch. The teeth on either end of the span are crowned and referred to as abutments.


The covering of a tooth surface to correct stained or damaged teeth by applying a layer of tooth colored filling material on the tooth.


Dental implants are metal anchors surgically positioned in the jawbone underneath the gums to support an artificial crown where natural teeth are missing.